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Electricity is fundamental to every business

Those who independently manage the cost and reliability of their power have the competitive edge.


Sustainable Power Solutions

Climatron Energy was formed from within our parent company, Climatron Projects. Climatron Projects is an engineering and project management company that was founded in 1970 and is an industry leader in energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems in the commercial and industrial sectors. As a group we have leveraged our knowledge in electrical, thermal, and mechanical energy and our expertise in project management to provide integrated energy solutions to assist our clients efficiently manage the risks associated with electricity interruptions and rising electricity prices.


More for less!

Energy Efficiency means getting the same output for less input and involves repurposing wasted energy.

For example, space, process and water heating/cooling systems are usually the large energy consumers in buildings. Our innovative energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and hot water systems are designed to reduce your energy consumption.


Smart customised solutions!

Employing smart load management enables us to effectively conserve energy in your building.

All the electrical loads in your building can be categorized as either essential or non-essential loads. We assess, and then retrofit smart controls to the electrical infrastructure, ensuring the respective loads are only powered when necessary to conserve energy and reduce the cost of electricity.


Time to save!

Many buildings have electricity tariffs that are based on Time-Of-Use (TOU), meaning that electricity is more expensive at different times of the day.

TOU tariffs include a demand charge that is based on the peak electrical load over a 12-month period. By implementing load shifting technologies such as thermal storage and electrical storage, we’re able to shift your consumption of electricity to off-peak times, significantly reducing the cost of electricity and peak electrical load.

#Thermal storage

Thermal Storage is applicable to customers that use electricity for space/process/water heating and cooling.

For example, if you require cooling during peak times, we’d run your air conditioning and refrigeration systems during off-peak times to create ice storage banks. The stored ice is then used during peak-times to provide the required cooling.

A similar concept is used for storing hot water, which is heated during off-peak times and used during peak times.

#Electrical storage

Electrical storage can be used to buy electricity from the grid during off-peak times. This stored electricity can then be used during peak times.

Although the total electricity consumption remains the same, by purchasing the electricity outside of peak times the total cost is significantly reduced.


Full turn-key solutions

Climatron Projects provides full turn-key solutions for the implementation of renewable power generation systems (microgrids).

A microgrid is a self-sufficient energy system that enables a building to operate independently from the grid if required. Our microgrids include technologies such a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, diesel and/or natural gas generators, co-generation systems, energy storage systems and the controls to integrate and synchronize the multiple sources of power available.

Producing renewable energy with a microgrid is significantly cheaper than purchasing electricity from the central grid. Moreover, you’ll have reliable power 24/7 and eliminate the cost of downtime during power outages.


Power up your business

Climatron Energy will help you manage
the cost and reliability of your power,
giving you the competitive edge.


Clean Energy Solutions

Climatron Projects offer integrated and automated clean energy solutions that effectively guard your business against the risk of rising electricity prices, power interruptions and the resulting cost of downtime.